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Requirement for abstract

The abstract should be in English. Please follow the format and style described in this template.


Please use A4 (210 mm ´ 297mm) paper size. The abstract should be not exceeding two A4 pages, including figures, with page margins of 25 mm all around. Use font type Times New Roman, with single spaced lines.


Title of the paper (14 points, bolded) is followed by one blank line. The presenting author’s name should be underlined. Author’s affiliations (12 points, italic, centered) and email address of the contact person are written in separate rows.


Abstract text (12 points) in paragraphs is not indented. References are not required, but if necessary, they should be indicated in the text in brackets and listed at the end of the paper (12 points) (e.g.: Le et al., 2009). Figures, if any, should be placed preceding the references list.


Abstracts must arrive at the Conference Secretariat by May 25, 2011. The submission of your abstract in Microsoft Word is most welcome as an attachment. Please indicate which session you are supposed to present this paper, if applicable. Otherwise we will arrange your presentation in the open session. Please also specify if your abstract is for oral or poster.


Acknowledgement may be addressed as the last paragraph of the text body.







First author's name (e.g. Gallet A.)1, Second author's name2, ...

1First author's affiliation, City, Zip code, Country

 2Second author's affiliation, City, Zip code, Country

Contact's e-mail address


References (example):

Gallet, Y et al., 2000. Late Mesoproterozoic magnitostratigraphic results from Siberia: Paleogeographuc implications and magnetic field behaviour. Journal of Geophysical Research 105, B7, 16481-16499.

Yin A, Nie SY, 1996. A Phanerozoic palinspastic reconstruction of China and its neighboring regions. In: Yin A, Harrison M (Eds.), The Tectonic Evolution of Asia. Cambridge University Press, pp. 442-484.