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Conference Program

20 August:  Accommodation in Irkutsk, Registration, Ice Breaker Party

21 August:  Opening ceremony, thematic sessions, evening tour

22 August:  Thematic sessions

23 August:  Thematic sessions, general discussions, banquet

24 – 28 August:  field trip «LIPs of Southern Siberian craton and adjacent areas of the Central-Asian Orogenic belt»



  1. An origin, age, and duration of the activity of large igneous provinces (LIPs) of Asia;
  2. Modeling of processes responsible for the creation and development of mantle plumes, mantle-crust interaction and plume-related ore-magmatic systems;
  3. Tectonic, petrological and geochemical aspects controlling the location and activity of local magmatic complexes within large igneous provinces of Asia;
  4. Granite LIPs and their role in global geodynamics;
  5. Role of LIPs in world-wide tectonic correlations;
  6. Metallogenic specialization of LIPs and the role of mantle plumes in the formation of unique mineral deposits of Asia;
  7. Possible links between the largest magmatic events, natural disasters and global climate changes