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General Information

Conference Languages

The official language of the conference is English. All posters are to be prepared in English. We encourage the Russian participants to present their talks in English. Those participants who are not comfortable with this are kindly advised to arrange for interpretation through their bilingual colleagues (own preliminary agreement required) or to consider participation in a poster session.



The conference period is characterized by moderate (20-35 C) temperatures with moderate precipitation.



The airport Irkutsk (www.iktport.ru) is the center of passenger and cargo transport in Eastern Siberia. The airport offers direct connections with over 60 cities in Russia, CIS and abroad. The airport is linked to the city by public transport and taxis. Participants can take a fixed-run taxi. They run from 6AM to 11PM (one-way ticket costs 12 RUB or ~0,4 USD). If somebody choose this way to the hotel they should alight on the «School №19» station 
(остановка Школа №19 in Russian, please show it to taxi-driver).

Please inform Organizing Committee about your arrival details in advance and we will pick you up at the airport (free of charge) 
The Organizing Committee recommends don’t use the services of private drivers. 


Russian railways (http://www.eng.rzd.ru) Long-distance trains run from Europe to Irkutsk (via Moscow). There are also direct trains from Beijing, Ulan Bator, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other places.



Most foreign participants will be required to obtain a visa to enter Russia, which may take you some time. Please check your visa requirements with the Consulate General of Russia in your home country. A formal letter of invitation is a likely prerequisite for visa application, and if this is the case, such a letter will be sent upon your request soon after you let us know.


Currency exchange

In Russia, the RUB is official currency and RUB is used everywhere. Exchange center is located in airport and also people can exchange there money in the banks. Visa & MasterCard are accepted in many department store. ATM could help you to get RUB cash from your credit card.


Irkutsk is one of the oldest cities in Russian Siberia (established at 1661) and is large cultural, scientific and tourist center beyond the Urals. More information about Irkutsk can be found at www.irk.ru and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irkutsk


Insurance liability

Participants should note that emergency medical costs are not covered by the registration fee.